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Wedding Trials!

So you said yes and the excitement and buzz of getting married sets in! Where do you start?

Well from a hair and makeup artists point of view - book in your trial as soon as possible. We take bookings 12 months or more in advance and if you want to be able to choose a great artist you need to get in early! Even if you decide to change your look for your wedding from the one you did at your trial - a good hair and makeup artist can accomodate easily!

A hair and or makeup trial helps you to see how you will look on the day and builds a rapport between you and your artist and helps the artist to know exactly how much time will be required for the amount of people getting done on the day.

A hair and makeup trials take approximately 2 hours with just hair or makeup taking approximately 1 hour. It is a full consultation with you about the style, colour and theme of your wedding so we can create a look this blends in perfectly.

Also remember that we create a flawless makeup and or hairstyle that will last all day. Professional artists use professional products and would NEVER ask a client or bridesmaid to bring along their own foundation! We can match ANY skin colour and type. And we make sure the makeup photographs beautifully in colour and black and white.

I have done many things while getting a client ready for their wedding - dressing brides, bridesmaids, tying ties and buttonholes & grooming. Answering doors and makeing coffee. But mostly keeping everyone calm and running smoothly.

Remember at the end of the day the reason you are doing this is because you love one another! Dont get too focused on the hype and miss the real reason for the ceremony! After the honeymoon when youre bathing in that glow and looking at your photos - you will be so happy you chose a professional artist and paid that little bit extra! After all most phototgraphers aren'

t cheap and these memories you have to keep so you want to be looking your fabulous best!

You pay peanuts - you get monkeys

Let the Goddess within you Shine!

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