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Can we even begin to understand the craziness of 2020?

Personally its been amazing for me, despite the fact I cannot travel and am desperately missing my family in Bali and even in Melbourne. I have been able to study my first year of my Master of Fine Art online, which meant no public transport in the middle of winter, and I have sold a few paintings and blitzing the end of the year wth 3 commissions and an artwork for a bottle of wine!

But obviously my heart goes out to absolutely everyone who is doing it so tough! I am here for anyone who is feeling out of there depth, isolated and lonely. Please reach out to someone lovers - anyone - because we can get through this!

My absolute gratitude to all the emergency workers, medical staff and everyone working in hospitals or health, THANK YOU! What an extremely tough job you all are doing graciously with that bloody PPE!

To my beautiful, amazing and giving friends who surround me that have helped keep me sane though I've been so busy - you are the best! Those Houseparty sessions have kept me so entertained hahahahaha!!! And to my brilliantly talented new friends I have met this year who are so, so far from home - I love you so much and hope you can get home ASAP! You will always be a part of my family no matter what part of the world you inhabit.

This has been been an extremely trying year for so many and I send all my love to you all especially those who have watched loved ones pass from this world and haven't been able to say goodbye or even visit, hold, hug, kiss them one last time. I cannot imagine how traumatising that must be, its beyond comprehension. For you I send the biggest care. My heart aches at all the horrendous atrocities that so many have had to endure and continue to endure. I hope you can find some peace and a way through all that has happened.

My love to all my fellow humans. Please be kind to one another and when we can embrace each other. We are all from the same race - the human race!

Leesa xxx

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