About my blog.....

These are my stories & experiences along with my thoughts on a life that has taken many twists and turns - my life!

My besties have had to hear many of these stories because I have so far lived a very diverse and some would say colourful life with many life lessons along the way (some hilarious & some tragic). I have been told by my friends I should write a book - something I have often thought of doing so this, I hope, will be the starting point!

I will try and tackle a point in my life every week. Some names will be changed to protect the (not so) innocent! At this stage nothing will be in chronological order but will be written as I remember them and obviously from my perspective! 

Hopefully you will enjoy reading about my journey so far and maybe some things will shock you but hopefully some will resonate with you too and if my story can help you feel less alone then all the better for it!

So strap yourself in coz it's one hell of a ride........


I'll drink to that!